30 Muller Avenue, Building 10
Norwalk, CT 06851


Studio Space at Firing Circuits
Firing Circuits Studios

Our building has 30 studios over two floors, with community gallery and gathering spaces.
Studios vary in size from 200 to 600 square feet.
All studios have large windows and most have high ceilings.

We are currently accepting applications for Fine Artists interested in renting studio space and joining our community. As space becomes available, the committee will review and meet the applicants who match well with the available space and invite those artists that we feel would be a good fit in our community. There is, unfortunately, no guarantee that space will become available on a regular basis or even offered to all those who enquire as we get many more enquires than we could ever have space for.

To begin the process please email the following information

 1. Name, Address and Phone

2. Website Address

3. Include a Bio/Resume PDF if one is not available on your webiste.

4. Approximate size of the space you would like.

5. An idea of how you would use the space.

Please be sure to include all items

If you would like to receive updates on our artists' events, please send us an email at... or follow us on Instagram

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